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Yogi Pee Tray Giant

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  • Comes in one piece (2 mesh covers), option to expand up to 3 sizes
  • Easy to assemble/ dismantle and clean
  • Suitable for small to large dogs, supporting up to 60kg
  • Leak-proof connecting pieces

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Yogi Pee Tray Giant

The Yogi Pee Tray Giant consists of 1 (ONE) pee tray, however it is easily expandable if you fix 3 smaller trays together. To fix together, they will be connected by overlapping connecting sides, which makes it leak-proof.

Each pee tray also has 2 removable mesh covers to ensure that your dog does not stain/wet its paws when using the pee tray. You can choose to put Pee Pads or newspaper underneath the mesh covers to help with cleaning up. Each Yogi Pee Tray has 4 rubber stops on its base to ensure that the pee tray stays in place and is non-slip.

The Yogi Pee Tray is extremely easy to maintain. Just lift the mesh covers and rinse the pee tray and mesh cover with water. If there are bits of fecal matter on the mesh cover, a soft brush can be used to easily scrap it off. An occasional through wash with some soap is highly recommended although optional.

Tray can be fixed in 3 ways/sizes:

  1. Buy 1 piece – 66cm x 45cm x 3.5cm [Recommended for Small dogs]
  2. Buy 2 pieces – 90cm x 66cm x 3.5cm [Recommended for Medium dogs]
  3. Buy 3 pieces – 135cm x 66cm x 3.5cm [Recommended for Large dogs, up to 60kg]

Colour: Only available in yellow.

Product Material: Polypropylene

Country of Origin: South Korea

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