Top 5 Apps for Pet Owners and Pet Lovers

Top 5 apps for pet owners and pet lovers

The cellphone is not only used for communicating or sending multimedia content. Increasingly, mobile devices are used for social interaction amongst like-minded communities through apps.

Sometimes, the app also aggregates information you need for a particular interest, like pets.

Whether for convenience, or socialising opportunities, we list the “Top 5 Apps for Pet Owners and Pet Lovers”!

1/ Petmate

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PetMate- Taxi service for pets. Photo Credit:

Mobile apps for taxis have eased the trouble of booking a taxi ride.

Pet owners however, do not benefit from the apps. Ride-sharing services like Grab and Uber offer ferrying services for pets, but it is not guaranteed. Alternatively, you can make an advanced booking on regular taxi services like Comfort Cabs. However, a ride is subject to the driver’s acceptance.

As a review suggests, Petmate –a pet taxi service– has some perks over a regular taxi, such as better value for longer journeys, and a flat quote regardless of the number of dogs or humans sharing the transport.

Alternatively, you can stick to the traditional means (via calling) of booking other pet taxi services in Singapore.

2/ Petfie

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An Instagram for Pets. Photo Credit:

Petfie was developed as a social networking site for pet owners to share photos of their pets. Hailed as an instagram for pets, the app has also partnered with animal welfare organisations to find stray cats and neuter them, or rehome stray dogs. Kudos to the app for being multi-functional with a social cause!

3/ Pawshake

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Pet sitting services on Pawshake. Photo Credit:

Pawshake is the perfect answer for pet owners looking for pet sitting services. A great aspect of the app is that you can check out if you trust the potential pet-loving sitter for your furfriend by scheduling a meeting with them, sans obligations.

4/ Pet Widget


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Pet badge with QR code for Pet Widget. Photo Credit:

Pet owners can heave a sigh of relief with pet widget. The app allows you to create an e-profile with the vital information about your pet such as its diet, allergies or medication required. Pet owners can configure the information accessible.

This cloud data is linked to a QR code on badge that is be worn on your pet’s collar. Passers-by who spot your pet can simply scan the QR code to find out how to contact its owner, and access any important information regarding the pet, even without the app downloaded.

5/ Yelp!

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Yelp Logo. Photo Credit:

While you would not associate Yelp to be a pet-oriented app, the app directs you to local businesses based on the filters you choose. Simply select the filter for “pet services” or “pet grooming” amongst other options to find an option nearby. The best part? It comes with reviews from former customers, all under one app!