Steamed Cooling Coconut Recipe

steamed coconut recipe

In our previous article on “Yinyang Elements”, we mentioned that “cooling” foods can aid ailments which afflict our pets in the “warming” conditions of sunny Singapore. Here’s a human-friendly “Steamed Cooling Coconut Recipe” to try out, to pet’s delight!





Minced pork – 80- 100gm
Chicken fillet (cubed) – 2 fillets
Wolfberries (Geiji) – 6pcs
Thai Coconut – 1pc

1/ Cut a circle and remove top of the coconut and strain the juice. Keep the juice aside.
2/ Add in minced pork, cubed chicken fillet and rinsed wolfberries into the coconut.
3/ Top up the coconut with coconut water with 1cm allowance from the top. Cover the top with the cut-out top.
4/ Place whole coconut in a bowl and steam in a big wok or steamer for about 45 mins.
5/ Once done, let it cool and serve as a soup.
6/ Coconut will lose some cooling effect once cooked. so you can add on the remaining uncooked juice.
7/ You can also add garnishing like wheatgrass, millet, or your usual supplements, before serving. Enjoy!

Steamed Cooling Coconut Recipe

Steamed cooling coconut topped up with wheatgrass, millet and probiotic powder.

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