Jobs for Pets: Blood Donor Dog

Jobs for Pets- Blood Donor Dog. Daisy donating blood. Photo courtesy of Lisa Neo.

The search for blood donors for pets can be an anguishing process for owners whose pets are in need of blood transfusions as there are no blood bank for pets in Singapore. Instead, owners rely on the goodwill of ad-hoc blood donors through Facebook pages, donor lists at veterinary clinics or non-profit animal clubs.

In this week’s “Jobs for Pets”, Ah Beng Pet Store interviews Lisa Neo and her dog Daisy, to find out more about their continuous and generous contribution to the dog community as a blood donor dog. 

Name: Daisy
Owner’s name: Lisa Neo
Occupation: Blood Donor
Age: 4
Breed: Singapore Special/Mongrel


Daisy posing for a photo. Photo Courtesy of Lisa Neo.

Tell us more about yourself! Any hobbies? 
Lisa: (She’s the) queen in the house. Make the rules for the pack. Loves people but her big bubbly approach can be a little overwhelming for shy folks and may turn out ugly instead.

Daisy: They say I’m fat but –hey!– I can stand just on my hind legs for a long time.

Lisa: She loves to beg for good treats only. (Daisy also) hates swimming, loves to sleep on the master bed, watches television on the couch, steal new toys, and drag delicious food off the table.

Daisy: Only because I’m the tallest, therefore I can reach in (the table) the furthest.

Jobs for Pets- Blood Donor Dog. Daisy donating blood. Photo courtesy of Lisa Neo.

Daisy donating blood. Photo courtesy of Lisa Neo.

How long have you been donating blood? 
Daisy: Since 2015. Almost every 3-4 months, I get a chance to save a furlife.

What’s a typical day at work like? 
Blood donation is usually an ad-hoc urgent appointment whenever it is needed. Arrangements are then made to go down to the clinic that requires it. The whole procedure will take between 1.5 – 3 hours depending on the situation.

Jobs for Pets- Blood Donor Dog. Photo Courtesy of Lisa Neo

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Neo.

What are some challenges in your job?
Lisa: Daisy has never faced any challenge in her blood donation as she is a brave gal. Many times, she does not even need sedation during transfusion.

Sometimes, dogs have to be sedated to donate blood. Jobs for Pets- Blood Donor Dog. Photo Credit: .jpg

Dogs sometimes have to be sedated during transfusion. Photo Credit: .jpg

What your favourite thing about your job?
Daisy: When a life is being saved in the nick of time.

Jobs for Pets- Blood Donor Dog. Graphic Credit:

Whole blood can be stored for anticipated usage or divided as fresh or frozen plasma. A donation can potentially help two or three patients! Graphic Credit:

Any advice for pets/ owners interested in this career?
You will need time commitment, lots of patience and no returns of any expectation. All these are voluntary work.


Jobs for Pets- Blood Donor Dog

Are there any products from Ah Beng Pet Store that you would like to recommend?

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