Trick And Treat Your Dog This Halloween

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Halloween, the season of trick and treat is coming, which means it’s yet another opportunity to dress your dog up in adorable outfits, parade them down the streets for good measure, make reckless three a.m. Halloween memorabilia purchases, and whip out the treats to reward your furry friend’s tricks.

While Halloween is spooky-fun for humans, it can be overwhelming, frightening, and potentially dangerous for your pup.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help ensure your best friend’s comfort and safety this Halloween.

Tricky Treats

We all know that pets and our usual Halloween candy don’t mix well.

All forms of Halloween candy and chocolate can be dangerous and potentially lethal for dogs. Artificially sweetened candy and chocolate contain xylitol, and caffeine and theobromine, which are toxic to your dog, as they do not have the necessary enzymes to properly break down these substances.

Ingesting a substantial amount of said treats can cause vomitting, diarrhoea, and even cardiac arrests and seizures.

So don’t risk your pooch’s life, and keep the Reeses out of reach.


Get Pumped Up

But what if you just can’t resist treating your pup to a little something special?

No need to spook yourself out, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve that will guarantee a satisfactory trick and treating session with your furry friend:

Keep dog treats handy, so your pup doesn’t feel left out when you’re passing around or chomping down on human candy.

Since it’s the season of all things pumpkin, delight your pooch with The Barkery’s “Pumpkin Delight”, an all vegan pumpkin-based treat containing pumpkin, carrots, celery, sesame seeds and flax seeds.

Alternatively, if you’re finding yourself with an excess amount of pumpkin, you could swap out a portion of your furry pal’s regular food for the same portion of unsweetened and unadulterated pumpkin.

Natural or cooked pumpkin, and pumpkin seeds have many benefits for dogs, such as aiding in digestive health, urinary health, and weight loss.


Trick Or Treaters

If you’re expecting guests or trick or treaters, be mindful that loud noises or hoards of people showing up might frighten your pooch. We recommend making a safe zone for your pup with some toys to keep him occupied. 

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Finally, Don’t Toy With Your Pooch

While we don’t recommend dressing your pooch up for Halloween, we humans are celebrants, and our pets will inevitably be included in that celebration (I mean, what is Halloween without a little costuming?). Thoroughly domesticated and eager to please, our pooches might put up with or even gladly suffer some form of costuming in favour of your attention or an extra handful of treats.

If you decide to fang your pooch up, be careful not to overdo it. Make sure your pup is comfortable in pet apparel, and the costume is not ill-fitting with small pieces that may get caught on things or eaten by your pet.

In the words of dog aficionado Alexandra Horowitz, “to put raiments on a dog is to blithely ignore his essential dogness”. Your pooch might be decidedly uncomfortable, so humans, be mindful of your pooch’s needs and reactions.


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