Cold Savoury Jelly Treat Recipe

Cold Savoury Jelly Treat

This Cold Savoury Jelly Treat Recipe was probably inspired from the Teochew food culture in Singapore. The human version is usually boiled with fragrant spices for many hours so as to extract all the collagen and gelatin into the soup/broth. When cooled, the broth will set and form into a jelly. The rich collagen and gelatin contents help maintain healthy bones and joints.




A delightful pre-prepared meal or simply a treat by itself. Prepare, keep refrigerated and serve whenever you want! This yummy gelatinous treat is wonderful served on a hot day. We have seen many versions and below is our preferred and simplified version as we know all our friends are busy pawrents!

1/ Pig skin – 4 small rolls (can buy from wet markets or  major supermarkets, usually sold in 4 small rolls prepacked on a styrofoam tray in supermarkets)
2/ Pork liver – 100gm
3/ Minced pork – 100gm
4/ Cooked, hardboiled quails eggs – 4-6 eggs

1/ Remove fat from the pig skin. Clean and slice pig skin and pig liver into bite sized strips
2/ Boil the pig skin in about 1-1.5 mugs of water. Cook for 10 mins. Stir occasionally.
3/ Add in liver and continue cooking for 5-10 mins, add in minced meat and wait for another 5 mins. Once all cooked (no blood), turn off the fire.
4/ Pour into several small single-serving moulds or a shallow container. Add in quail eggs.
5/ Once cooled, refrigerate. It will set and form into a hard jelly. Take out, slice and serve!

1/ Ingredients are estimated. Feel free to add or reduce quantity but too little pg skin will result in the jelly not being able to set well.
2/ You may also choose to use chicken liver or minced chicken. Some variations is to add wolfberries (good for eyesight!) or chopped carrots or crunchy vegetables. Leafy vegetables will not look good kept overnight.

Cols Savoury Jelly Treat

This batch was done in small metal bowls. The whitish circles are solidified “fats” and can be removed before serving.


Enjoy and do let us know if your pups love them!

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