A Jolly Woof Christmas

A Jolly Woof Christmas

Whether they’ve been naughty or nice; chewing up your favourite sneakers or keeping you company during your lowest days, your pets provide loving companionship all year round.

So as you put together your holiday shopping list for family and friends, don’t forget to include your most loyal companion: your pets!

Not sure how to indulge your pet this festive season? Fret not, we’ve got just the right things for you to show them you care. Here are 5 things you can get for Santa’s baby this Christmas.


1) Okay, this first one isn’t so much for your furry pal as it is for you dog lovers: Happy Tails: Adopted Dogs of Singapore Photobook.


A look at Happy Tails
(Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/happytailsSG/)

Christmas is the season for giving, and this first item is no ordinary book. Besides being the perfect keepsake for any dog lover, Happy Tails also encapsulates the beauty of adoption through a series of photographs; the joy that adopting an animal can give to the new owners and the pets alike.

The brainchild of vet-turned photographer Sandra Macheroux and Chantal Travers, Happy Tails aims to raise awareness about the joys of adopting an animal.

This 64 page photo book showcases the many wonderful photos that Sandra has been taking of Happy Tails models and their families.

15000830_1638050243158712_8525165386804592286_o14068386_1607420626221674_3574051647699833148_oAdopted pup Ray and his owner are one of the few families featured in Happy Tails
(Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/happytailsSG/)

The book costs $49 and every single cent will be going to the Happy Tails cause: All funds will be allocated to chosen cases of stray dogs needing veterinary care, and will be transferred to the vets directly.

The photobook is available at Chantal’s Fairprice Antique and Sandra’s gallery at 16A Haji Lane.
Happy Tails is also willing to offer free postage if you pay via internet banking. Send them a personal message on their Facebook page for more information!

Alternatively, you can grab your very own copy of Happy Tails at Dempsey Christmas Market from December 9 -11 @ 9.30 am – 5.30 pm.


2) Save your pet the embarrassment of smelling like an over-excited teenage Tramp when he visits grandma and her new toy poodle Lady this Christmas with these two products:

Bozzi Shampoo

Made of herbs, fruits, flowers and other plants, this 100% natural pet shampoo aims to reduce skin irritation for your pet during and after shower, giving their coat a good feel and natural fragrance.

Bozzi Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo Bozzi Hypoallergenic Cat ShampooBozzi Puppies & Small Breed Dog Shampoo

Buy any combination of Bozzi items and spend above $60 to get this Christmas gift box with your purchase!



3) Ewegurt Ewe-Grip Sheep Shampoo Soap Bar

This sheep’s milk-based moisturising shampoo bar contains natural emollients, vitamins and triglycerides that help soothe itchy, dry skin, moisturise skin, and act as a natural repellent for mosquitoes, ticks and fleas, guaranteed to keep your pet feeling and smelling clean while visiting family and friends this Christmas.

With every Ewe-Grip Sheep Shampoo Soap Bar purchase, you’ll get a free monkey soap dish. Buy 2 or more soap bars, and you’ll get a free turtle soap dish!

Sheep Shampoo Soap Bar




4) Besides setting up the Christmas tree and lights, add a little festive touch to you and your pet’s humble abode with festive pet-friendly staples like ZippyPaws Christmas toys. This year-end, ZippyPaws sports a new Christmas line that is sure to keep your four legged pal merry.




5) Your furry pal might not be able to use these, but they will surely benefit from them: Silicone Moulds and Cookie Cutters

Use our silicone moulds to bake small treats in festive shapes for your pet and his/her friends this holiday season!

Made of FDA-approved food grade silicone, these moulds withstand heat up to 240 degrees Celsius and resistant to cold to -20 degrees Celsius, and are ideal for making the pawfect treat for your furkid.

At $8 per mold, they come in three different shapes: Christmas tree, snowman, and gingerbread man.

15310847_10155664835337715_296127534_o 15303964_10155664845297715_1867396029_o

15303866_10155664835237715_162574838_o 15293220_10155664835307715_1200745684_o

15302421_10155664845412715_77723911_o 15310976_10155664836882715_633966472_o

With our cookie cutters, you can make fun-shaped cookies as gifts or pet treats for your four legged friends! At only $5 for any 3, it’s a deal not to be missed!


For more Christmas deals, check out our website for new deals every week!

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